File Formats for Machine Embroidery

File Formats for Machine Embroidery

Explore the diverse landscape of file formats designed specifically for machine embroidery, where precision meets artistry. Delve into the intricate world of stitching mastery as we unravel the significance of File Formats for Machine Embroidery. From the ubiquitous .dst and .pes to the versatile .exp and .jef, these formats serve as the language that seamlessly translates digital designs into intricately embroidered patterns. Discover the key to unlocking the full potential of your embroidery machine by understanding and utilizing the rich array of File Formats for Machine Embroidery, ensuring your creations come to life with flawless precision and captivating detail.

What Are Embroidery File Format? 

The file formats for embroidery machine are the way the design of an embroidery is saved in order to stitch out on a particular brand of embroidery machine. Certain brands of embroidery machines (such such as Brother and Bernina) have different designs and file format (such as PES. and Art.). Simply simply:

To allow an embroidery file to be read to an embroidering machine it should be in the native language that the embroidery machine manufacturer recognizes.

Why are there so many types of machine file formats? The various embroidery machine brands that are available in the market currently don’t play well together.Different brands are keen to be distinctive and each has their own file format.Why?Because it helps build brand loyalty , and it will make you less inclined to change brands of your machine in the near future.

The Embroidery file formats that We Can Provide!

There are numerous embroidery file formats available for industrial and household sewing equipment. We can digitize a majority of them, if not all. If there is a format that we can’t work with it is likely that your computer will be able to support different formats, and there will be at least one of them which we can digitize. This has been the case in our work and we’ve nearly always been able to accommodate everyone. The following is a listing of types of formats we are able to offer.

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Machine Name Format
Barudan *.U??
Happy *.TAP
Inbro *.Lnb
Melco *.EXP
Pfaff *.KSM
Tajima *.TBF
Tajima *DST
Tajima Barudan *.DSB
Tajima  ZSK *.DSZ
Toyota *.100
ZSK TC *.Z??
MelcoCo denset *.CND
Bits & Volts *.BRO
Datastich *.STX
Proel Dos *.PUM
Proel Win *.PMU
Tajima *.T01
Zangs *.T04
ZSK *.T05
Pfaff *.T09
Yongnam Gemmasterv2.9 *.YNG
Wilcom ESS *.ESS
Wilcom ESL *.ESL
Hiraoka DAT *.DAT
Laesser MST *.MST
Barudan *.T03
Saurer SLC *.SAS
Time & Space MJD *.MJD
Hiraoka VEP *.VEP
Wilcom Plauen *.T10
Wilcom Saurer *.T15
Janome/Ena/Kenmore *.JEF
Janome/Ena *.JPX
Janome/Elna/Kenmore *.SEW
Elna *.EMD
Brother/Babylock/Deco *.PES
Brother/Babylock/Deco *.PEC
Husqvarna/Viking/Pfaff *.VP3
Husqvarna/Viking/Pfaff *.SHV
Husqvarna/Viking/Pfaff *.HUS
Pfaff *.PCS
Pfaff *.PCD
Pfaff *.PCQ
Pfaff *.PCM
Singer *.XXX
Singer/Poem/Huskygram *.CSD
Melco Version 6.08 *.ofm
Melco Version 5.07 *.ofm
Melco Version 4.02 *.ofm
Melco Versiom 4.01 *.ofm
Melco Version 3.00 *.ofm
Melco Version 2.00 *.ofm
Melco Condensed File *.cnd
Melco Expanded File *.exp
Melco Version 7.00 *.ofm
Salli Hotfix File *.SHF
Machine Name Format
Tajima File *.det
Barudan FDR File *.fdr
Barudan FMC File *.fmc
ZSK File *.zsk
Baby Lock /Bemina /Broter *.pes
Baby Lock /Bemina /Broter *.pec
Elna /Janome *.sew
Elna *.emd
Janome *.jef
Pfaff *.pcs
Pfaff Macintosh *.pcm
Poem /Singer Embroidery Unlimated *.csd
Singer *.xxx
Viking *.hus
Viking D1 *.shv
Bitmap file *.bmp
PCX File *.pcx
JPEG File *.jpg
TIFF File *.tif
EMF File *.emf
EPS File *.eps
Pulse Laser File *.LAS
Pulse Embroidery Files *.PXF
Pulse Outline File v9.1 *.POF
Tajima Stich files *.DST
Tajami TBF files *.TBF
Tajami Combined Design File *.TCF
Stitch Files *.PSF
v9.0 Babylock / Bemina /Brother *.PES
v8.0 Babylock / Bemina /Brother *.PES
v7.0 Babylock / Bemina /Brother *.PES
v6.0 Babylock / Bemina /Brother *.PES
v5.6 Babylock / Bemina /Brother *.PES
v4.0 Babylock / Bemina /Brother *.PES
v2.0 Babylock / Bemina /Brother *.PES
v1.0 Babylock / Bemina /Brother *.PES
Tajima Stich files / Barudan *.DSB
Barudan DAT Stitch File *.DAT
Elna Stitch File *.EMD
Elna /Janome /Kenmore *.SEW
Pfaff Stitch File *.PCM
Pfaff Stitch File *.PCS
Barudan U?? Stitch File *.U??
Janome /New Home 10000 *.JEF
Melco Expanded File *.EXP
Poem /Singer EU/Viking Huskygram *.CSD
Singer PSW *.XXX
Toyota Stitch Files *.100
Viking Husqvama *.HUS
Viking SHV *.SHV
Viking VIP *.VIP
Viking VP3 *.VP3
Tajima Stitch Files / ZSK *.DSZ
ZSK Transport Files *.Z??
DXF Files *.DXF
SWF Stitch Files *.SST

Common Types of Embroidery File Formats

I’m sure we’ve gone over many times, but the most important thing to remember from in this piece is the fact that there exist three major types of embroidery formats:

  • Expanded Format Files (exp): These are the commercial formats for embroidery machines like .dst as well as .exp. These are the smallest file formats in terms of size. They are made up of x and y movements and commands for the sewing machine. They also don’t store the color information.
  • Machine File Formats: The following formats are specific to different brands of embroidery machines. They tell your machine what commands are required for embroidering designs. These comprise .jef, .art, .hus, .vp3, .vip, .pes, .pec, .xxx, .pcd, etc.
  • native file formats: Native formats cannot be read by any embroidery machine , but can be written and read by software for embroidery. They are the most suitable “working file formats” to modify the design and can be later converted to machine or expanded format for use with your device.

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