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Wilcom Truesizer software is among the top embroidery software applications that have a significant impact on the field of embroidery. It is also possible to use the Wilcom Truesizer free version that has only a few options. Wilcom Truesizer Embroidery Studio is a cutting-edge software that redefines the art of embroidery design. This powerful and versatile program offers a comprehensive suite of features, allowing both novices and experienced designers to unleash their creativity.

One of the most appealing aspects of Wilcom Truesizer is that you have access to almost every tool, regardless of whether you’re using the desktop version, or you use the application on MAC and iPad. This increases its efficiency and makes it extremely simple to use.

According to professional designers of embroidery, Wilcom Studio for embroidery Truesizer is their favorite software for designing, viewing, and converting the designs.


Wenn Sie nach Dienstleistungen für die Digitalisierung von Stickereien suchen, ist EMDigitizer eines der besten Unternehmen für die Digitalisierung von Stickereien. Bereitstellung aller Arten von Stickerei-Digitalisierungsdienste. Ich empfehle Ihnen, die Digitalisierung von Dienstleistungen auszuprobieren.

Sizing and Viewing Design:

After you have imported your designs into Truesiz it will give you all the details of the design’s features.

In the window for design properties, you will find a wealth of choices, including:

  • Summary
  • Design
  • Thread colors
  • Stitching

You will be able to learn more about the import of your Wilcom Truesizer file format design file which contains dimensions and heights, numbers of stitches the number of stopping points, color overview, and many more.

There is an extra-large view of thumbnails which is a fresh and beneficial feature It also provides a great view of the explorer.

Truesizer lets users efficiently change the size and scale but only for 1 inch. Resizing larger than 1 inch could impact the quality.

Formats for files:

Another benefit of this embroidery software for free is the wide variety of file formats. This means that you can easily change your design into any format used by machine embroidery without difficulty.

Click on File and from the menu bar select Export Machine File.

Export Machine File Shift + E

From the open dialogue box click on the drop-down menu list to search through your desired Machine file format, and save it.

This is how quickly you can export your design in the format you require for your machine.

If you’d like to know more about the process of converting an embroidery file without installing Wilcom Truesizer, you can visit our previous video. The link is in the description for your convenience.

Stitch Player:

Wilcom embroidery Truesizer e4 comes with many shades to keep you current on your digital designs. One of the most impressive attributes of the Truesizer e4 can be its Stitch player feature.

It lets you look over your designs and reduces the chance of errors in the final embroidering machine.

Select View and from the menu bar, choose the Stitch player option or make use of a shortcut keyboard the combination of Shift+R to switch into Stitch Player mode.

Stitch player Shift + R

How do you remove the design background?

After you click on Stitch Player It will put you in player mode. Now you will be able to see how your design will be displayed through the machine. You can also alter the speed of your stitch player using the buttons above like increasing the speed for the stitch player.

Production worksheet:

Another benefit is the ability to print PDF approval forms with the details of the job and send them by email to your customers to ensure their approval. This can be accomplished via email sent either from within or outside the application, based on what you prefer.

Additionally, to get an outline of your design you can click on the preview icon for printing to print an overview of your design with thread colors in detail.

Save Design as Image File:

In Wilcom Truesizer for embroidery studio, you can export and save your desired design file as an independent image file. Truesizer lets you save an image of the true view. Also, you can record the dialogue of your design using options.

Simply click File, and then in the drop-down menu choose Capture Design Bitmap. A dialog box will open, you can select the view option if need to use the background.

If you click OK to save your file. the save dialog box will be displayed. You may also change the type of file in the file type to JPEG instead of Bitmap.

Name the file you want to save Save it.


To sum it up in some things, it’s not an exaggeration to state:

It also offers

  • A more effective method of display of designs
  • Multi-decoration display EMB designs
  • It produces efficient and enhanced worksheets.
  • Stitch player
  • Conversion of different file formats
  • Better design manipulation

Truesizer Pro:

We know Truesizer pro will offer more options than the free version, but we still have a lot to look forward to.

The following are some of the more advanced features that can be found in the pro version:

  • Saving and opening e4.2.EMB designs
  • Multiple colour-ways can be created and saved in.EMB or other file formats
  • Match the thread with the color slots in your color-way
  • The designs are displayed in adjustable hoops
  • More than 50 templates allow for customization in size and placement
  • Design of custom approval sheets

Enhanced product visualization:

Truesizer’s new version allows us to visualize our product in a more advanced way. The product visualizer creates mockups of various designs using high-quality garment images in the desired color.

You can add custom images to your product with an enhanced product visualizer.

You can use it to design embroidery. It also supports a variety of file formats, including object-based, commercial, and home stitches files.

This version is available for as low as 60$ to 99$. It’s definitely worth the investment.

Features of Wilcom Truesizer

The program comes in three versions. The web version is available for free and does not require you to download it. Although it doesn’t have many features, it allows you to upload and modify files quickly before converting or downloading them. Next is the PC version. This is also a free version but you can get more features because it is a downloadable package. The Truesizer Pro package is the paid version with the most features. This would be the best choice if you own a business that requires detailed embroidery for machines.

The program you are currently viewing is likely the last one you will ever get. This means that this package is not constantly being updated with new features. The 2.0 version was the last version to be updated in 2011. Since then, it has remained stagnant. It’s amazing what it does and how easy it handles complex embroideries. But it hasn’t needed to be updated. You can take this for what it is worth. One of the three Truesizer Windows OS versions may be the right choice for you if you are involved in embroidering in some capacity.

The Pros and Cons Of Wilcom Truesizer


  • The program is small and lightweight
  • It is relatively easy to use
  • There are many settings and adjustments available
  • It can handle many file types


  • Files are difficult to change.
  • It might take some time to render a particular image.

What does Wilcom TrueSizer do?

Wilcom TrueSizer e3 is a universal file conversion tool offering full compatibility between industrial and domestic embroidery file formats, as well as full design scalability. It allows you to view, modify, read and convert, and output high-quality embroidery with its easy-to-use.

Is Wilcom embroidery free?

30 Days – Unlimited use of all the amazing features.

Is Hatch the same as Wilcom?

No, Hatch is not the same as Wilcom E3. Hatch is embroidery software for the hobbyist, while E3 is for a professional-level digitizer.

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